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    Our specialist mining recruitment agency provides skilled personnel to fill any maintenance related role. Read more

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    Your one stop shop for filters, filter kits and consumables for WA’s mining, resource and rail sectors. Read more


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  • About Orange

    The “Orange” brand or Orange Group of Companies commenced back in 2006 as a recruitment company specific to the Australian mining industry. Orange Recruitment successfully traded for many years, and continues to do so under the name Orange Recruitment Australia. In July of 2011 the Senior Management Team of Orange Recruitment could see a shift in the market and a need for ... Read more

  • Why OA?

    It’s a question we have often been asked by our clients, why should we use OA? It’s an interesting question that we have thought about in depth and we think we can answer pretty well. Orange values its ability to be fully customizable. With a small leadership team it means we can amend asset management project scope, cost, ... Read more

  • Our Values

    Flexibility – We strive to be flexible, listen to your needs and offer a tailored asset management solution. Quality – We value quality, and that’s means we get the job right the first time, every time. Safety – At Orange we believe safety isn’t about numbers, it’s about people. Communication – We keep communication open and honest, and believe it’s ... Read more

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    Orange Australia is coverned by a number of policies: Criminal Record Policy Read more


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